Inverter Hybrid OnOff Grid 5KW 6KW 48V On Off Grid Inverters Buit-In 100A MPPT Controller

Features & Benefits

Item NO.:BSM-5500LV-24
Power :5500W
Voltage :230V/AC
Certificate :CE
Lead Time :7 DAYS
Payment :T/T,Western Union, Paypal,L/C
Warranty :10 Years Warranty

1. AVR function, a wide variety of input voltages, and exact output
2. It’s versatile enough to be utilized in private houses and businesses.
3. DSP chip design, double MCU clever design, excellent performance
4. Full digitalized LCD touch control display, making it easy to see how things are going.
5. Installs quickly and easily and is communicative in all areas (WIFI module to monitoring)
6. Absolute pure sine wave output, power frequency design, suited for all types of loads
7. In the empty load, the ring transformer has a minimal load loss (about 0.25% of the rated power in DC ECO mode)
8. The touch control display has a primary mode, an ECO mode, a battery mode priority setting, and a battery voltage setting feature.
9. AC charging current may be adjusted on/off on display using the built-in AC charger. You may also change the charging current of the AC charger to low, medium, or high.
10. Overvoltage/low voltage protection in the battery, overload/short circuit/overtemperature protection, and so on.
11. Adjustable HVR/LVD and standby voltage, as well as float charge voltage