Solar Panel Kits


Solar Panel Kits

EcoPros is dedicated to producing solar cells and panels backed by a warranty. Our solar panel manufacturing lines encompass the 5BB and 9BB series, ranging from 5 to 600 watts.


Roof Mount Solar Panel Kits

Our wide choice of solar mounting system solutions can be tailored to adapt to diverse geological conditions and inclement weather. Accessories are also available to aid you with mounting bracket installation.

Which Inverter Should i Choose?


  • Cost-efficient
  • Fewer materials are needed for installation
  • Low labor costs for installation
  • Unused spaces can be utilized
  • Easier to permit


  • Challenging to access for steep roofs
  • Difficult to troubleshoot errors
  • Produces lower panel output in higher panel temperatures
  • Roof size can create space constraints
  • Challenging to replace and could require reinstallation in roof changes
  • Holes in your roof could lead to water damage
roof mount
Solar Kits

Ground Mount Solar Panel Kits

Ground-mounted equipment can be pointed in any direction. You may set your system to point directly at the sun by adjusting the angle. Ground-mounted systems are the most efficient for this reason alone, as they optimize access to the sunlight that powers the array.

ground mount


  • Easier to access
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • More durable racking system
  • No roof dimension restrictions
  • Cooler panel temperatures for higher energy output
  • Does not require reinstallation when making roof alterations


  • Labor-intensive installation
  • Costlier installation
  • More parts and pieces required
  • Costlier permit processing
  • Takes up real estate
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing
Solar Kits

Our Solar Panel Include

Everything you need for a complete installation

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Solar Panels

Choosing the correct solar panel type for your project is critical when living an energy-free lifestyle. We place the control back in your hands, not the installers, whether it's color, size, or efficiency.

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Ironridge Racking

Since its inception in the '90s, Ironridge has been a leading provider of racking solutions in the United States and helping the solar energy industry build, design, and deliver robust, simple, and cost-effective products.

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EcoPros has one of the broadest bases of inverters converting DC power to AC, whether on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid inverters.

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Monitoring System

Systematic solutions of energy efficiency management and electrical safety for users. We have a complete production line ranging from cloud platforms to sensors and options for better energy management and electrical efficiency.

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Battery Backup

Create and store your own power when you need it the most. We offer customized and integrated systems tailored for you, including design and battery warranty coverage.

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Plan Set & Interconnection Service

We'll take care of everything you need to get started with solar. We have a team that can tackle anything from paperwork and permits all the way through interconnection.

Solar Kits

Microinverter, PV Optimizer or String Inverter?

When installing a solar panel system, considering the right inverter type can do a lot of good. Inverters convert DC energy generated by your panels into usable AC power that is essential for operating appliances like lights and TVs with nothing more than sunlight. 



Build your panels in any configuration or orientation. Micro-inverters allow you to turn each cell into a single electrical system and slowly expand along the way.

power optimizers

Power Optimizers

Get more flexibility and production from your solar system and allow individual panel monitoring.

string inverters

String Inverters

Run your panels through a single unit of string inverters that feature multiple inputs.


Clients Say About Us

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith
Solar Designer

They gave me a reasonable quote for 3 of the properties I own. They're also professional and helpful to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Jonas Brown
Jonas Brown
Solar Engineer

We've worked with EcoPros for years now. They've always been experts in green energy solutions and have always transported core competence in innovation, service, and cost control.

Solar Kits

Why Choose DIY Solar?

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    Save thousands of dollars

    Reduce monthly bills in the long run. Going solar promotes financial returns and lowers monthly utility bills.

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    Get full control

    Take energy generation into your own hands and become your own power provider. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it also gives you more security for your home and business rather than relying on foreign imports or carbon-based fossil fuels.

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    Permit approval guarantee

    With our help, you'll be able to get on board with solar energy in no time. We can process all of the paperwork for a permit and make sure that everything goes smoothly from the start-to finish!


Solar Calculator

Whether you want to help the environment or simply save money, our solar panel calculator could be the tool to help you determine the ideal solar panel size for your home based on how much of your electric bill you'd like to reduce.

Free Solar Roof Layout

EcoPros provides a free solar panel evaluation for your home. No appointment is needed! We offer superior satellite images of your solar panel layout design, as well as solar energy output data and a complete project quote.

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Change your life, Change the world

We believe sunshine is one of humanity's most valuable yet underutilized resources. Not only can solar energy sustainably power hospitals and schools across America - it has the potential to drive entire industries as well. With our innovative financing solutions for clean technologies like photovoltaic systems or wind turbines, we help bring affordable Clean Energy access into every American home.

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