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Solar panels

60 Cell Solar Panels

Typically 5.4 feet tall by 3.25 feet wide solar panels with a power output of 270 to 300 watts in conventional test settings, depending on the efficiency of the cells in them.

Dimenstions: approx. 80 x 40 x 1.4 inches

Weight: approx. 54 lbs


Solar Calculator

Solar technology is becoming more affordable every day and could save you money. Find out how much your home might be worth to the power grid.

Solar Panels

Find the Best Solar Panels for Your Home

It is crucial to find the best solar panels for your home. It's not just about getting a good deal, but also making sure that you have chosen what will work well with all aspects of designing and installing them to get an effective system set up!

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Solar Panel Sizes

The size of your solar panels will determine how much energy they can produce. The typical residential system consists of two 100-watt modules. Still, it's essential to know that smaller and larger sizes are also available on the market today - just ask us about what we have in store for you!

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Solar Panel Types

The types of solar panels used for home power generation can be categorized into mono-crystalline panels, polycrystalline (also known as multi-crystal or monocrystal), and amorphous. Each has its own unique advantages, which you should consider when deciding on the best option to meet your needs!

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Solar Panel Efficiency

The perfect solar panel makes your electricity bill go down. But how do you know if a specific brand or model will work for what kind of installation? Make sure your solar panels work efficiently to get the job done and lower costs.

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Solar Panel Prices

Still, think solar panels are expensive? The price for a set ranges between $5 and $15 per watt. They're an affordable, long-term investment that will power your home with clean energy today!

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Solar Panel Warranties

We offer a warranty for our solar panels that is second to none. Our 5-year residential and 10-year commercial products will give you peace of mind, as well as the assurance of knowing the product stands up against any weather conditions with ease.


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Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith
Solar Designer

They gave me a reasonable quote for 3 of the properties I own. They're also professional and helpful to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Jonas Brown
Jonas Brown
Solar Engineer

We've worked with EcoPros for years now. They've always been experts in green energy solutions and have always transported core competence in innovation, service, and cost control.

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Solar Calculator

Whether you want to help the environment or simply save money, our solar panel calculator could be the tool to help you determine the ideal solar panel size for your home based on how much of your electric bill you'd like to reduce.

Free Solar Roof Layout

EcoPros provides a free solar panel evaluation for your home. No appointment is needed! We offer superior satellite images of your solar panel layout design, as well as solar energy output data and a complete project quote.

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We believe sunshine is one of humanity's most valuable yet underutilized resources. Not only can solar energy sustainably power hospitals and schools across America - it has the potential to drive entire industries as well. With our innovative financing solutions for clean technologies like photovoltaic systems or wind turbines, we help bring affordable Clean Energy access into every American home.

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