5KW Solar Inverter 3 Phase On Grid Dc To Ac Grid Tie Solar Power Inverter Transformerlesss

IP65 compatible, no transformer type, 5000W three-phase pure sine wave solar grid tie inverter with 200-820V DC wide input voltage range, customized 208V/ 380V/ 480V AC output voltage to adapt to the needs of different occasions, IP65 compatible, no transformer type, 2 MPPT with various communication modes
It may be used in various industries, including solar, wind, battery, and scenic lamp power.
IP65 solid protection and a fully sealed cover appropriate for use in a harsh environment.
MPPT tracking technology is advanced, and the MPPT voltage range is vast.
H6 full-bridge layout with no isolation transformer, most outstanding efficiency of 97%.
Overvoltage, short circuit, overload, overheating, anti-islanding protection, and other types of protection are available.
Parallel operation of many inverters is possible.
The LCD display makes it easy for the user to keep track of the most critical data.
Various communication modes are supported.

Features & Benefits

Item NO.:Growatt 4000-6000W
Power :4000W-6000W
Voltage :230V/400V
Number Of Mpp Trackers :2/1
Lead Time :7 DAYS
Payment :T/T
Warranty :5/10 YEARS
Price :$1150
Market Price :$1830