Home&Commercial Use Grid Tie Inverter Solar Power Inverter Micro 700 Watt Inverter

Features & Benefits

Item NO.:BSM-700
Power :300w
Voltage :AC240V/208V/230V
Number Of Mpp Trackers :1
Certificate :CSA,IEC-EN,IEEE 1547,VED,AS
Lead Time :7DAYS
Payment :T/T
Warranty :5Years

  • Adapted to 72 cell PV panels; Maximum output power up to 250/300W
  • 96.7 % peak power; 96.5% CEC weighted performance
  • On a heavy overcast day, static MPPT performance is 99.8%, while dynamic MPPT efficacy is 99.76%.
  • 6000V surge protection; NEMA6(P67) enclosure; high dependability