Solar Cells Bificial PERC Solar Cell For Solar Panel

A bifacial solar cell (BSC) is a photovoltaic solar cell that can generate electricity when both its front and back surfaces are lit.

The efficiency of bifacial solar cells is measured separately for the front and back surfaces under one or more suns (1 sun = 1000W/m2), and is defined as the ratio of incident luminous power to generated electrical power.

The bifaciality factor (percent) is the ratio of rear efficiency to front efficiency when both are subjected to the same irradiance.

Efficiency: Front 19.4–21.2%, Rear 16.7–18.1%
Bifaciality: 70-80%
Mostly commercialized (e.g. JA Solar, LONGi, Trina) e.g. on the p-type c-Si wafer

Features & Benefits

Product Name :Perc Bificial Solar Cell
Front :Width 0.7mm,108 Finger Grids
Thickness :190±30um
Solar Cell :PERC 156.75*156.75mm
Module Efficiency :22%
Certificate :TUV,CEC,CE,ISO
Lead Time :5 Days
Payment :T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
Warranty :25 Years