ETL Standard Polycrystalline Black Frame Solar Panel 350Watt 350Wp 350 W PV Module For Solar System

EcoPros 345 W 355 W black back sheet and black frame solar module for residential or commercial solar power systems. Polycrystalline 30V 5BB Poly 335w 340W 345W 350W 355W all-black solar panel.

26 pallets per 20-foot container, 360 pallets per 20-foot container, and 840 pallets per 40-foot container

Regular packaging is 2 pieces per carton for polycrystalline 350W black solar panels and 72 cells series solar modules; however, we also accept customized or OEM packaging.

Features & Benefits

Solar Cell :5BB Poly 156mm
Number Of Cells :72
Power Range :335w-355w
Size :1956*992*35/40mm
Certificate :TUV,ETL,CSA,CE,ISO
Lead Time :5 Days
Payment :T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
Warranty :25 Years