420w Half Cell Solar Pv Panel 9bb 420w 420watt 420wp 420 Watt Perc Solar Pv Module

1.Better Shading Response = Higher Yield
The Half Cell Module is made up of two independent and identical solar cell arrays, with the ordinary strings of cells being sliced in half and these shorter strings forming a current channel that is divided. When a module is shaded, just one side of the shaded array’s current is affected, while the other array continues to work normally. When a module is darkened in this manner, the affected working areas of Blade are reduced by 50%.

2.Fewer Mismatches
The half-cell module has 2*6 shorter internal strings of cells than the full cell module. This design effectively addresses cell mismatches caused by shadow, out of sync performance loss, and other factors.

Features & Benefits

Solar Cell :Mono 158.75 * 78.375mm
Number Of Cells :144(6*24)
Power Range :390w-430w
Size :2015±2mm*996±2mm*40±1mm
Certificate :TUV,CSA,CE,ISO
Lead Time :10 Days
Payment :T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
Warranty :25 Years